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Well, I´ve been attending school since the age of 6 now:

Primary school in Moos i. Defereggen (teachers: Sigmund Gasser, Rudolf Ladstaetter)
Grammar School (classical education) in Hall
i. Tyrol
teacher training academy in Innsbruck

Highlights in my life concerning school:

  • the successful final examination (Latin, Greek and musical education) in the (above mentioned) grammar school in the year 1976 and the following days before the presentation of the final examination certification by Dir. Dr. P. Adjut Lukasser (+ 1986) that weekend (see photo).
The white flag means: all the students have passed the final examination. It´s the 2nd time in the history of this grammar school that this happened. It´s me waving at the photographer.
an unparalleled tradition in Hall i. the Tyrol: after the final examination all the students go round the city and are welcomed by the people in a very friendly way. Special feature: students wearing top hats.

Homepage of the grammar school (classical education) in Hall i. the Tyrol



My present
place of work

Secondary Modern School in St.Jakob i.Def.


My class at a walking tour in autumn 2000: 4a

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