The special stone, called oil-slate,
which contains the
valuable oil is being
brought from the quarry to the ropeway and trans-
ported down to the
place where it is processed.
Not only oil is won from the stone.They also grind the oil-slate and pack it.
This is known as "fango".

An oiltryout is being taken in the condenser room.

Here you can see an oilslate containing a fossil.

This is what an oilslate looks like which the oil is won from.


The products below are used in rehabilitation centres, hospital, health-resorts of big hotels and by physiotherapists, curative masseurs, as well as curatve experts, members of associations for natural life, private customers, but also in veterinary medicine.

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You can find these and and many more products from the VITAL-REGION ACHENSEE / Tirol,

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Tyrolean "Steinöl"

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