A new studio album by
Blackmore's Night
has been released.
Have a look at the
Official Homepage
and see all the titles of this album.

May 2002
An exceptional new music-DVD has been released:
You can see and hear Yes-musicians acting on highest possible level together with a symphonic orchestra consisting mainly of young musicians each showing their love for this kind of music.
However, for the best possible reproduction a Dolby Digital (5.1)- HiFi-component is required, but then there's only one word for it:
The piece "Ritual" on its own is worth the prize of this DVD, which gives you 194 minutes of pure pleasure.
A piece of culture of the 21st century!
A must for every musician and for every challenging music lover!
yes - symphonic live


The death of George Harrison makes the musicworld very sad, me as well.
The quiet Beatle, as he was called, lost his fight against cancer at the age of 58.

But he and his messages in his music, in songs, as:
Here comes the Sun
My Sweet Lord
and many more
will live on in the hearts of so many.

Today I've seen Peter Cetera's new CD in the record shop. I've been waiting for quite some years now not knowing there would be a new release soon. It was a great moment holding
"Another perfect world"
in my hand.
A great voice, wonderful melodies and harmonies, simply

"Another perfect Peter Cetera CD", a must for every Cetera-Fan and of course for many others.


A new "YES" - CD has been released.
It's called
Jon Anderson
Steve Howe
Chris Squire
Alan White
with orchestral arrangements
(a click on the cover takes you to the official


most worth listening!
Ritchie Blackmore (former Deep Purple guitar player) released his 3rd album "Fires at Midnight" a few days ago and follows stilistically his former albums, that means tuneful borrowings from the time of the renaissance, wonderful lyrical singings by Candice Night, most professional classical and rock guitars - again a musical goody.
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