(Foto aus der Kronenzeitung vom 30.10.2001)
This picture shows the world that the American government obviously don't care a pap for the loss of civilians in search of terrorists. The death of innocent people, especially children who have nothing to do with those doesn't touch you. But it also shows the world how low-leveled the socalled high technology concerning the used weapons seems to be. Bombs that do not hit their programmed targets and kill innocent children? A horrific picture.
This is not high technology!
Do you really think God does hear you when you say the words
"God bless America"?
This is a strange view of a "creature" that the world calls "God".
We can completely abandon such a God.
Of course it's absolutely right to fight terrorism and to find those who are responsable for terror attacks, but "eye for an eye" is not the answer.