There is one day in the past years which pupils of our school like to remember:
The day, when David Taylor and his team of actors and actresses came to our school
and delighted our pupils with brilliant performances of English theatre.

Due to restricted policy of the company in Vienna schools of our dimension have been banned from the schedule after 1998.

The following words prove that we haven't been forgotten by David. So in March 2001,
when Mr David Taylor and his Team of Actors came to Lienz and Matrei,where they performed
"Around the world in 80 days" by Jules Verne.
As David loves our Defereggen valley he visited one of our English teachers at his home on Saturday 10th March.

Mr Veider welcomed David at the bus-stop near his home and, of course,
took the advantage of this situation to talk - among other topics - about the past performances at Hauptschule St. Jakob
and about the situation in common.
Mr. Veider: "We spent a nice afternoon and in the evening we enjoyed a performance of the "Osttiroler Lehrerchor" (teachers' choir)
in the GYMNASIUM Lienz."

David Taylor as Mr Phileas Fogg in "Around the world in 80 days"

This is what Dave wrote in a letter to Mr. Veider a week after his visit:

----- "Dear Willi -
It was so good to see you again. Also to see Günther and meet the rest of your Family.
I am really glad that we met at your home in Defereggental.
For 4 years it was a joy to perform plays in English for the students at Hauptschule St. Jakob. I always looked forward to coming to your School - more so, as I got to know you, and knew that you and your students looked forward to our performances.
My Team of Actors and I were always welcomed enthusiastically and I can always remember playing to very responsive audiences.
Refreshments were usually laid on for us on our arrival - and always greatly appreciated, as we had already performed somewhere else before arriving in St. Jakob!
We talked to students before the show and sometimes after. In all the times I did this, I never found them to be shy to communicate in English.
Do you remember the snowball fight between my company and some of your students outside the School one year?!
Alas,those times are no more, due to the "policy" change of the Theatre Company.
Personally, this dissapoints me greatly. As an Actor, I believe in bringing "Live Theatre" to as wide an Audience as possible. And when it is Theatre that is also used for Educational purposes - it's even MORE important that the opportunities are open to all.
The students at a Hauptschule in a small village are equally as deserving - if not more so - as students in larger towns and cities.
Sadly, sometimes, finances govern "policies" of businesses - I understand that. But a part of me DOES feel sorry for the "burning" enthusiasm of a certain English Teacher in Defereggental, who once extended a warm welcome to me and the other Actors, when we came to perform in his School.
Happily, though, a FRIENDSHIP was born out of those years and continues to florish still.
I only hope that our next meeting is not too far in the distant future.
However, we will stay in touch. Perhaps one day soon I'll have that e-mail address!
My very best wishes to the Veider Family.
Take care" - David

mr veider and mr david taylor ...
... each responding a toast.

8th May, 2002

Annual meeting with David

This year I met David on the Hauptplatz in Lienz.
After we had come, 2 girls of his crew taking part in this year's performances, Ruth and Hanna, were already sitting there by a cup of coffee. As an English teacher I'm always looking forward to this meeting, not only because I can improve my English due to his/their clear and distinct language.
Some pictures of this meeting:

David, the great actor
with David at the "Hotel Sonne", Lienz
... with Ruth and Hanna
... Ruth, David and Hanna